Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in IIT Kanpur from 12 to 15 December 2019
Highlights of NCNSD 2003

  • There were 122 registered participants, 89 paper presentations, one Keynote address, and 5 Plenary lectures.
  • There were three types of sessions:
    1. Oral session
    2. Interactive session and
    3. Plenary talks
  • This conference introduced a new type of session: The "Interactive Session." This is different from the standard poster session. In the Interactive sessions, experiments (including numerical experiments) are demonstrated live. Live demonstration of experiments during the conference was strongly encouraged. For work involving numerical computation, moderately powered PCs were provided for live execution of the programs before the participants. Importantly, there was no differential prestige between oral and interactive sessions as the papers are not segregated on the basis of quality. This got a very good response, as 7 electronic and hydrodynamic experiments were directly demonstrated. There were about 20 computer-based demonstrations.
  • Plenary talks are meant to review the development is specific areas and are accessible to the nonlinear dynamics community in general irrespective of the field of specialization.
  • There was an award for the best student paper.
  • The papers were to be submitted in full (not just the abstract), written in the four-page "letter" format. All papers were thoroughly reviewed, irrespective of the seniority of the authors. The authors were intimated about the acceptance/rejection of the papers.
  • Presentation of a paper in person was mandatory. Papers accepted for presentation but not presented in person were not recognized by the conference as valid publications.
  • All papers presented at the conference were available on the net (can be searched through google scholar). But the papers that were accepted but were not presented were dropped from the database, and will not be accessible through the net.
  • The conference Proceedings (print as well as CD) were published and given to the participants before the conference started.
  • 20 copies of complementary reprints were given to all registered authors.
  • There were 3 parallel oral sessions on all 3 days.
  • We printed only those papers in the Proceedings of which at least one author had preregistered in the conference. This was to ensure that the papers will be presented. This tactics earned good dividend, and there were only 5 cases of absentism. We have informed those absentee authors that the conference recognizes only those papers which were physically presented, and have requested them not to cite the papers in any future paper or in their list of publication.
  • There was a panel discussion on "Open questions in Nonlinear Dynamics" which enabled the younger participants to get a "take-home message".
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