Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in IIT Kanpur from 12 to 15 December 2019
Highlights of NCNSD 2008

The NCNSD-2008 was held in the Physical Research laboratory, Ahmedabad, from 3rd to 5th January, 2008. A Local Organizing Committee was formed with Ravindra Amritkar as Convenor and Dr. Abhijit Sen, Dr. Dilip Angom, Dr. M. S. Santhanam, Dr. Gautam Sethia, and Dr. Prashant Panigrihi as members.

The format of the conference was different from that of the earlier NCNSDs in a few aspects: (a) the papers were limited to one page, (b) all the papers submitted for poster presentation were accepted (c) the papers submitted for oral presentation were reviewed to judge the suitability for oral/poster presentation.

The one-page papers are available through this page

81 papers were received and presented at the conference.

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