Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in IIT Kanpur from 12 to 15 December 2019
Highlights of NCNSD 2009

The NCNSD-2009 was held in the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, from 5th to 7th March, 2009.


A Local Organizing Committee was formed with Dr. A. N. Sekar Iyengar as Convenor, and Dr. S. K. Dana, Dr. P. K. Roy, Dr. S. Banerjee, and Dr. P. Panigrahi as members.

Format of the conference

The format of the conference was different from that of the earlier NCNSDs in a few aspects. Three categories of papers were invited:

  • Where a paper had been recently published (in 2009-10) or had been accepted for publication in a refereed journal, and the authors wanted to expose the line of work at the conference;
  • Where the authors wanted to use the NCNSD-2009 as the forum for first publication of a line of work;
  • Where the authors wanted to demonstrate experiments (including numerical experiments) at the Interactive Session.
A "Book of Abstracts" containing the one-page version of all the papers were published at the time of the conference. The full papers were published in the on-line Proceedings. The papers that were accepted for presentation but were not presented in person were dropped from the Proceedings.
There were two types of sessions: Oral sessions and Interactive sessions. There were no parallel sessions.
Number of papers actually presented: 43
Number of registered participants: 73.

Inauguration, Keynote and Plenary talks

The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Bikash C. Sinha, Director, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata on March 05, 2009 at 09-45AM.
The Keynote address was delivered by Prof. Abhijit Sen, Institute of Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Title: Dynamical Modeling and Applications of Mutually Delay Coupled Systems
The other plenary talks were delivered by:
R. E. Amritkar; Title: Estimating parameters of a dynamical system from the time series
Christophe Letellier; Title: From nonlinear dynamics to biomedicine: How chaos theory can help physicians ?
B. M. Deb; Title: A Generalized Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation for Many-Electron Systems Based on Time-Dependent Density Functionals and Quantum Fluid Dynamics : Applications to Atomic and Molecular Systems Under Intense Fields

"Best Student Paper Awards"

Best Poster Presentation Award on 05/03/2009
First Prize: Rs. 2,000/- Winner: Sheekha Verma, IIT, Kharagpur
Second Prize: Rs. 1,000/- Winner: Ranjib Banerjee, IICB, Kolkata

Best Poster Presentation Award on 06/03/2009.
First Prize: Rs. 2,000/- Winner: Kuntal Mandal, IIT, Kharagpur
Second Prize: Rs. 1,000/- Winner: S. Arathi, BDU, Tiruchirapalli.


a) Centre for Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences ( CAMCS), SINP
b) Board of Research for Nuclear Sciences (BRNS) DAE.
c) Board of Research in Fusion Science and Technology (BRFST), NFP
d) Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC).

Concluding session

In the concluding session, a meeting with all the participants was held to decide next NCNSD. After prolonged discussion, the Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, was selected as the venue for next NCNSD. Vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. A.N.S.Iyengar, Convenor, NCNSD- 2009. The conference came to an end at 04-00 PM.

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