Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in IIT Kanpur from 12 to 15 December 2019
Highlights of CNSD 2013

The 8th Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD 2013) was held in Indian Institute of Technology Indore during 11-14 December 2013.

The Organizing Committees

The Local Organizing Committee was formed with Dr. Sarika Jalan as the Convener, Dr. Anand Parkash, Dr. Somaditya Sen, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava and Dr. Shaikh M Mobin as the Organizing secretaries and Dr. Satya S. Bulusu, Dr. Neeraj Mishra and Dr. Santosh Vishvakarma as the Joint Organizing secretaries.

The National Advisory Board comprised 18 eminent scientists from premier research institutes of India.

What was new in CNSD?

  • Of the series of conferences in Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics, CNSD 2013 was the first international conference which could draw 197 participants from across the world, largest ever in the conference series.
  • CNSD was embraced by 104 speakers from around the globe.
  • The 4-day conference witnessed huge international participation in Plenary talks, Contributed talks and Mini Symposia which focused more on rich interactive discussions twice a day during the sessions.
  • CNSD 2013 focused on emerging areas in nonlinear dynamics evident from mini symposia in extreme events and application of random matrix theory on nonlinear systems.
  • For the first time any symposium on nonlinearity in Geosciences in the country was organized by CNSD 2013.
  • CNSD 2013 has seen huge young participation evident in a total of 62 poster presentations accommodated in two poster sessions, which is the largest ever for any nonlinear conference in the country. The seven best posters were rewarded in two categories: Judges' Choice and Popular Choice (chosen by co-participants, introduced for the first time in CNSD 2013) with Cash prize.

Plenary talks in CNSD 2013

The plenary talks in CNSD 2013 were delivered by Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee (HRI, Allahabad), Arul Lakshminarayan (IIT Madras, Chennai), Jürgen Kurths (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany), Soumitro Banerjee (IISER Kolkata), Matteo Marsili (ICTP), Deepak Dhar (TIFR Mumbai), Anita Mehta(S. N. Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences), Charo del Genio (University of Warwick), Kwang-II Goh (Korea University), Karol Życzkowski (Jagiellonian University, Poland), Li Baowen (NUS Singapore), Kizhakeyil L Sebastian (IISc Bangalore), Chin-Kun Hu (Institute of Physics, Taiwan), Avinash Khare(IISER Pune), Giulio Casati (University of Insubria, Italy) and Neelima Gupte (IIT Madras, Chennai).

Organizers of mini symposia

  • Mini symposium I: Extreme Events Organizer: M. S. Santhanam (IISER Pune)
  • Mini symposium II: Nonlinear Processes in Geochemical, Geophysical and Ionospheric Phenomena Organizer: Hirok Chaudhuri (VECC Kolkata)
  • Mini symposium III: RMT and Applications Organizer: Sarika Jalan (IIT Indore)

Best Poster Awards

Judges's Choice winners
Aparna Rai, IIT Indore (Cash prize: 2000 INR)
Gyanendra Kumar, IIT Kanpur (Cash prize: 2000 INR)
Tanu Singla, IIT Bombay (Cash prize: 2000 INR)
Consolation prizes Ravi Prakash, JNU, New Delhi (Cash prize: 1000 INR)
Neeraj Chaubey, IPR Gandhinagar (Cash prize: 1000 INR)
Popular Choice winners K. Nithyanandan, Pondicherry University (Cash prize: 1000 INR)
Tanu Singla, IIT Bombay (Cash prize: 1000 INR)

Valedictory session

The final session of CNSD 2013 was chaired by Prof. Karol Życzkowski from Jagiellonian University, Poland after which the awards for best posters were presented by the honourable Director of IIT Indore, Prof. Pradeep Mathur. The session ended with valedictory address by Dr. Sarika Jalan, Convener CNSD 2013.


The major sponsors of CNSD 2013 were:
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India, New Delhi
  • Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (DAE), Government of India, Mumbai
  • Science and Engineering Research Board (DST), Government of India, New Delhi
  • Indian National Science Academy, Government of India, New Delhi
  • Sci-Edge Information

Glimpses of CNSD 2013 and about next CNSD

The participants of CNSD 2013 especially appreciated the presence of leading nonlinear dynamics scientists and academicians and the wonderful hospitality of the host institute. The half-day trip to Maheshwar gave way to informal interaction among the participants. On the second day of CNSD 2013, a meeting was held with all the participants chaired by Dr. Soumitro Banerjee and Dr. Sarika Jalan to discuss about the conference proceedings and the next CNSD. It was decided that the abstract books would be made available online and the next CNSD would be held in IISER Mohali tentatively in March 2015.

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