Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in the Shastra University, Tanjavore, Tamil Nadu, in December 2020
Highlights of CNSD 2019

The 12th Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD 2019) was held at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) during 12-15 December 2019. 

The organization

The Convenors were Dr Sagar Chakraborty and Dr Malay Banerjee

Local Organizing Committee

  • Malay Banerjee, Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur
  • Supratik Banerjee, Physics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Sagar Chakraborty, Physics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Shaktipada Ghorai, Mathematics & Statistics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Srihari Keshavamurthy, Chemistry, IIT Kanpur.
  • Manas Khan, Physics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Krishnacharya Khare, Physics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Soumya Ranjan Sahoo, Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.
  • Mahendra Kumar Verma, Physics, IIT Kanpur.
  • Pankaj Wahi, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Student Volunteers from IITK

  • Anurag
  • Bidisha Bhatt
  • Suman Chakraborty
  • Anando Gopal Chatterjee
  • Rohitashwa Chattopadhyay
  • Manohar Kumar Sharma
  • Manmohan Dewbanshi
  • Vikash Kumar Dubey
  • Samrat Sohel Mondal
  • Sukhdev Mouraya
  • Archan Mukhopadhyay
  • Priyanka Pandey
  • Shailendra Kumar Rathor
  • Shubhadeep Sadhukhan
The National Advisory Board comprised eminent scientists from premier research institutes of India.


  • The Conference drew about 190 participants (including participants who didn’t present any talk/poster).
  • There were 6 plenary talks scheduled: Prof. Ram Ramaswamy (IITD), Prof. Deb Shankar Ray (IACS; absent), Prof. Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee (IACS), Prof. Syamal Dana (Jadavpur University), Prof. Soumitro Banerjee (IISER-K), Prof. Surjit Sen (State University of New York).
  • There were 2 mini-symposiums: i) Turbulence (by Dr. Samriddhi Shankar Ray, ICTS) and ii) Network Science (by Dr. Sarika Jalan, IIT Indore).
  • In total, 119 oral presentations and 52 posters were scheduled. Each faculty member and post-doc was allotted 30 minutes to present their talks, and others were allotted 20 minutes for presentation.
  • A preparatory TEQIP workshop (Recent Research Trends in Nonlinear Dynamics) on basic nonlinear dynamics was conducted by Dr. Sagar Chakraborty and Prof. Jayanta Kumar Bhattacharjee on 11th December as a part of CNSD 2019. The video lectures will be available on YouTube in TEQIP channel.
  • 3 best oral presentation awards and 2 best poster presentation awards were conferred. Each award carries an appreciation certificate and Rs. 5000/-.
  • As customary, there was also a meeting (open to all participants) by the national organizing committee on the future directions of this conference series, chaired by Prof. Soumitro Banerjee. It was decided that the 13th CNSD would be held in SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur tentatively in December 2020. Also, it was decided that from 1st January 2020, a society, SONCOS (SOciety of Nonlinear and COmplex Systems), will start.

Best oral presentation awards

Judges's choice winners were:
  • Sarthak Chandra, University of Maryland;
  • Taranjot Kaur, IIT Ropar;
  • Ayana Sarkar, Shiv Nadar University

Best poster presentation awards

  • Himalaya Senapati, Chennai Mathematical Institute;
  • Tanushree Roy, IIT Bombay

These prizes were presented by Professor Surjit Sen.

The major sponsors of CNSD-2019 were:

  • The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
  • The Knowledge Incubation for Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP), IITK.
  • The National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India.
  • The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India.
  • The Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics in IITK.

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