Conference on Nonlinear Systems and Dynamics (CNSD)
The next CNSD will be held in IIT Kanpur from 12 to 15 December 2019
CNSD-2016 Proceedings

Plenary talk 1:

Arnd Baecker: Visualizing higher dimensional systems -- classical and quantum

Mini-Symposium 1: complex networks

  1. Niloy Ganguly, Threshold based epidemic dynamics in distributed Systems
  2. Dibakar Ghosh, Collective behavior of moving oscillators in three dimensional space
  3. Anirban Banerjee, Structural similarity of metabolic networks by graph spectra
  4. K P Harikrishnan, A complex network based measure for the analysis of time series data
  5. G. Ambika, Heterogeneity measure for recurrence networks from chaotic and noisy time series

Mini-Symposium 2: Quantum Chaos

  1. M. Santhanam, Sub-diffusion, localisation and decoherence in kicked rotor
  2. Arul Laxminarayan, Entanglement transitions in eigenstates of interacting chaotic systems
  3. Santosh Kumar, Smallest eigenvalue density for Wishart-Laguerre ensemble and entanglement in coupled kicked tops
  4. Yang Chen, Single-User MIMO System, Painleve Transcendants and Double scaling
  5. Pragya Shukla, Curl force dynamics

Parallel session 1:

  1. S. S. Ghosh, Classical ``Supersolitons'' in Two Electron Temperature Warm Multi-ion Plasmas
  2. Fakir Chand, Fractional soliton solutions in a purely nonlinear complex Ginzburg-Landau equation through a nonlinear discrete transmission Line
  3. Sakkaravarthi Karuppaiya, Resonant Solitons and Breathers in Higher Dimension: A Study on Long-wave--Short-wave System
  4. K. Tamilselvan, Solitary waves in multicomponent nonlinear Helmholtz equations

Parallel session 2:

  1. S. Bilal, The generalized Lozi map: bifurcation and dynamics
  2. Manish Agrawal, Quasiperiodic forcing of coupled chaotic systems
  3. Chetan Pahlajani, A Randomly Perturbed DC/DC Converter

Plenary talk 2:

Tetsuro Endo: Classification of Quasi-Periodic Bifurcations of 2- and Higher-Dimensional Tori Using Lyapunov Bundles and Its Demonstration Via a Practical Electronic Circuit

Plenary talk 3:

Leon Glass: Tipping points, critical transitions, and bifurcations: Can we predict the future?

Mini-Symposium 3: synchronization

  1. Syamal K. Dana, Dragon-king-like extreme events in bursting neurons under excitatory and inhibitory synaptic coupling
  2. Shakti N. Menon, Chemical computation in arrays of relaxation oscillators coupled via mutual inhibition
  3. Arindam Saha, Extreme Events in Delay-Coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo Oscillators
  4. Sarika Jalan, Cluster Synchronization in Multiplex Networks

Mini-Symposium 4: data assimilation and algorithms

  1. Amit Apte, Data assimilation in chaotic Chua circuit
  2. Suman Acharyya, State estimation using gradient descent method
  3. Mitaxi Mehta, A Variant of the Mid-point Monodromy Algorithm
  4. Md Nurujjaman, A study of nonlinear dependence between Oil Price and Stock Returns in India

Parallel session 3:

  1. Nithin Nagaraj, Separating a Heterogeneous Mixture of Chaotic Signals using Compressed Sensing
  2. R. Sarmah, Strain dynamics in a driven magnetostrictive ribbon
  3. Shashi C. L. Srivastava, Random Reverse Cyclic Matrices
  4. Suddhasattwa Das, Unfolding quasiperiodic trajectories
  5. Rajarshi Roy, Experiments on Optical Networks: Symmetry, Synchrony and Chimeras

Parallel session 4:

  1. Arnd Baecker, What is the mechanism of power-law distributed Poincare recurrences in higher-dimensional systems?
  2. Ghosh Koushik, Analysis of Memory and Governing Process and Exploration of Chaos and Self Organized Criticality in Solar Radio Flux Data
  3. Pabel Shahrear, Chaotic Dynamics and Diffusion in a Piecewise Linear Equation
  4. S. S. Chaurasia, Dynamical effects of switching coupling forms
  5. Jagadish Kumar, Power law distributions and multifractality of acoustic emission spectra during intermittent plastic deformation

Plenary talk 4:

Ram Ramaswamy: Memoryless nonlinear response as an explanation of 1/f noise

Plenary talk 5:

Rajarshi Roy: Chaos, Noise and Random Number Generation

Mini-Symposium 5: Collective Dynamics in Biological Systems

  1. Leon Glass, Spatial symmetry breaking determines spiral wave chirality
  2. Sudeshna Sinha, TBalance of interactions determines optimal survival in multi-species communities
  3. Pranay Goel, The organization of cellular activity in the pancreatic islets of Langerhans
  4. Tanmoy Banerjee, Chimera patterns in ecological networks
  5. Ulrike Feudel, Networks of networks: biodiversity in connected habitats

Parallel session 5:

  1. N.D.Chavda, Entanglement in two-body random ensembles
  2. Nilanjan Bandyopadhyaya, Exact partition function and spectral properties of supersymmetric BC N type rational integrable models with polarized spin reversal Operators
  3. A. P. Misra, Landau damping of Langmuir waves in a semiclassical plasma
  4. Jayendra N Bandyopadhyay, Self-similar fractal spectrum in quantum mechanical systems
  5. H. N. Deota, Spectral properties of bosonic and fermionic random matrix ensembles
  6. Nivedita Bhadra, Effect of noise and quantum fluctuation on Josephson junction model with second harmonic
  7. S. Balsamy, Synchronization of an array of point contact spin transfer torque driven nano-oscillators

INTERACTIVE SESSION 1 (Poster and Demonstration)

  1. A Ramesh, Environmental coupling in ecosystems: From oscillation quenching to rhythmogenesis
  2. Anantharam Shashank , Dynamics of Real Verhulst Networks
  3. Biswas Animesh, Extensive Study of Mercury Drop Oscillations in Non-Autonomous MBH System
  4. Biswas Debabrata, Controlling birhythmicity via conjugate self-feedback: Theory and Experiment
  5. Chutani Malayaja , A Study of Time Series-Networks
  6. D Premraj, An experimental study on control of bifurcation-delay in slow passage effect
  7. Das Santanu, Controlling the Basin of Attraction of Period-1 Rotation of a Horizontally Excited Parametric Pendulum
  8. Deshpande Amey, Local stable manifold theorem for fractional systems
  9. Ghosh Anupam , Occasional coupling synchronization: Transient uncoupling and On-off coupling schemes
  10. Ghosh Debarati, Effect of parameter mismatch in mean-field-diffusion-induced oscillation suppression
  11. Gianchandani Kaushal, Binary logic using spatially patterned deaths in chemical oscillators
  12. Gupta Kajari , Dynamics of slow and fast systems on complex networks
  13. K Premlatha, Chimera states in two interacting populations of nonlocally coupled Stuart-Landau oscillators
  14. K Sathiyadevi, Interesting multistabilities in coupled oscillators with attractive and repulsive coupling
  15. Pal Ritu, Bright soliton of nonautonomous cubic-quintic nonlinear Schroedinger equation model with repulsive nonlinearity
  16. Varshney Vaibhav, Targeting periodic solutions in chaotic systems
  17. K Subramanian, Soliton Management in an Erbium Doped Tapered Nonlinear Fiber
  18. Arnab Acharya, Complex Network Analysis of the Indian Power Grid
  19. Arabinda Ghosh, Modeling and Stability of a Smart Grid as a Coupled Oscillator
  20. Singha Joydeep, Spatial splay states and chimera states in coupled sine circle map Lattice
  21. Sinha Nitish, Chaotic behaviour of the three-state variable rate and state friction model
  22. Subramaniyan Sabari, Dynamics of vortices in a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate with an oscillating potential
  23. Roy Ujjal, Microwave effect on the dynamics of oscillatory Bray-Liebhafsky Reaction
  24. Kanchwala Husain, Modeling and characterization of suspension bushings using fractional derivatives


  1. Karmarkar Vivek, Speed fluctuations in a limit cycle
  2. Karthiga S , On the nonreciprocal nature of PT symmetrically coupled systems
  3. Kashyap Ananth, Generation of directed scale-free networks with tunable clustering and degree Correlations
  4. Konwar Rupam, Nonautonomous Dark Solitons and Soliton Collisions in a Nonlinear Medium with Linear Potential
  5. Kumar Anil , Interplay of degree degree correlation and driven mechanism for cluster synchronization
  6. Kumar Aravind, The Duffing-Holmes Oscillator: A Theoretical Analysis of the Magneto-elastic Interactions
  7. Kumar Rahul, Harvesting Energy through the Chaotic Motion of Double Pendulum
  8. Lahiri Sudeshna, Effect of Temperature on Long Range Correlation
  9. Rupsagar Chatterjee , Nonlinear fluid-structure interaction dynamics of an elastically mounted flapping airfoil in an inviscid fluid
  10. Kaur Harleen Controlling optical similaritons in tapered graded-index waveguide in presence of PT symmetric potential
  11. Mandal Dhrubajyoti , Invariant Density of Piecewise Smooth Maps in Presence of Noise
  12. Mondal Ananya , Interaction of Neimark-Sacker and period doubling bifurcations in a vibro-impact system
  13. Mondal Sirshendu, Chimera-like states observed during the transition to thermoacoustic instability in turbulent combustor
  14. Mukhopadhyay Debangana, Formation of tissue aggregation of biological cell
  15. Patra Mahashweta, Quasiperiodic Bifurcation in 3D Piece-wise Linear maps
  16. Paul Sanku, Classical subdiffusion and quantum localisation in chaotic Hamiltonian system
  17. Pawar Samadhan, Mutual synchronization of coupled oscillators of a thermoacoustic system
  18. Raj Sudhir, Decoupled Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Stabilization of Double Inverted Pendulum
  19. Ranjani S Sree, Construction of new rational potentials and their solutions using Darboux transformations
  20. Roy Animesh, Image encryption and decryption using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL)
  21. Roy Anupama, Microtransitions in 2-D Load Bearing Hierarchical Networks
  22. Roy Diptanil, Dissipation dynamics with two finite chaotic environments
  23. Roy Subhamoy Singha, DNA Spin Dynamics and Thermodynamic Entropy
  24. V Vinod, An Initial Condition Dependent Oscillation Control in an Odd and Even Number Van der Pol Ring
  25. Debapriya Pal, Periodic observation of a quantum system
  26. George Sandip, Detecting Dynamical States Using Bicoherence Function
  27. S. Krishna Kumar, Effect of Noise Correlation on Multiplicative Noise induced Intermittency
  28. De Partho Sakha, Dynamics of single cell crawling: stick-slip movement
  29. Chakraborty Dipanjan, Dynamics of Collective Cell Migration


  1. Saha Ritabrata, Recurrence Analysis of Dynamics of a Square Natural Circulation Loop
  2. Saminathan Bhuvaneswari, Modulational instability in spin-orbit coupled Bose- Einstein Condensates
  3. Achintya Mukhopadhyay , Intermittent and Periodic Behavior in Ducted Inverse Diffusion Flames
  4. Seth Soumyajit , Study of an Inductorless Chaos Generator
  5. Shaw Pankaj Kumar , Canard and mixed mode oscillations in an excitable glow discharge plasma in the presence of inhomogeneous magnetic field
  6. Singh Ajit Kumar, Dual combination synchronization of the fractional order complex chaotic systems
  7. Singh Ram Mehar, Solitary Wave-Type Solutions of Nonlinear Diffusion Reaction Equation Using Auxiliary Equation Method
  8. Suda Narasimha Rao, A New Python based Toolbox for Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
  9. T Shreecharan , Leibniz algebroid axiomatics and their role in mechanical systems
  10. T.P. Suneera , The stationary states of a nonlinear coupler in a PT symmetric periodic potential
  11. Tanajirao Udaysinh, Effect of bifurcation on quantum correlations
  12. Tekur Sai Harshini, Spacing distribution of localized states and their nearest neighbours in quantum chaos
  13. Swetamber Das, Transport, Diffusion, and Energy in a volume preserving map
  14. Promit Moitra, Emergence of Persistent Infection due to Heterogeneity
  15. Susmita Kundu , Bifurcation analysis of single phase half controlled rectifier fed DC series motor drive system.
  16. Bandyopadhyay Aranya, Analysis of Dynamics and Stability of an Autonomous Voltage Source Inverter
  17. Bagchi Subhayu, On the Effect of Nonlinear Perturbations on the Precession of Mercury's Orbital Perihelion
  18. Balasubramanian Sudharsan, Stable multiple vortices in collisionally inhomogeneous attractive Bose- Einstein Condensates
  19. Bera Bidesh, Emergence of imperfect travelling chimera states in a network of locally Coupled Oscillators
  20. Rakshit Sarbendu, Characterizing Stable Steady State Of Coupled Limit Cycle Oscillators
  21. Somnath De, Recurrence Analysis of Dynamics of Premixed and Partially Premixed Flames near Lean Blowout
  22. Chandan Bose, Recurrence quantification analysis of the low Reynolds number flow dynamics past a flapping wing
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